Let’s talk about dynamic pricing.

In my experience, most of the hesitation experienced by potential adopters of a dynamic pricing strategy stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of what exactly dynamic pricing is. When I sit down with managers, that misunderstanding manifests in one of two ways. In today’s post, I’ll be discussing the first of these misunderstandings, and we’ll dive deeper into […]

Dynamic Pricing – Variable Pricing

In the last post, we started talking about common misunderstandings we encounter when we’re talking about dynamic pricing. Today, we’ll be continuing that conversation and contrasting dynamic pricing against another popular pricing strategy. Managers have told me on several occasions they don’t need to implement a dynamic pricing strategy because they are already using dynamic […]

Dynamic Pricing – Make Ecommerce Accessible to Consumers

Now that we have a better understanding of dynamic pricing, let’s tackle some of the hesitations shared by managers early in the adoption conversation. There’s doubt that while dynamic pricing sounds great in theory, when applied in the real world, “it just won’t work”. One particular holdup revolves around transitioning from selling most tickets at […]