Custom Data Solutions

Every business collects data – customers, transactions, market conditions – but not every business knows how to use the data it collects. Business data has the potential both to guide decisionmakers through challenges or mislead leaders when well-guided decisions are needed most. The outcome often depends on who is doing what with the data. It’s also interesting that – when given to different people – the same dataset appears to support a wide variety of findings that often contradict each other.

At Leverage Analytics, we specialize in data analytics using complex datasets. We have the expertise to use your data to produce timely and accurate suggestions for improving the operations of your business.

Predictive Modeling &
Machine Learning

It’s often beneficial to be able to forecast or predict business outcomes. A business outcome can be anything from a simple time forecast of sales to predicting the effects of weather changes foot traffic.

Predictive modeling involves the development of a mathematical representation of what needs to be predicted. Statistical modeling techniques are applied to build a model that is best suited for the task.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the purposeful assembling of your data into visual representations (i.e. charts a graphs). Thoughtful business intelligence goes beyond the basics of “What were my sales last month?” and “How many new customers did I see?” to understanding trends and changes in key performance indicators (KPIs) over time. It’s often even beneficial to combine proprietary internal data with external sources of data such as general economic activity or weather observations.

The complexities of high-quality, meaningful data analytics should be entrusted to the professionals with the skills and experience to navigate through from a raw dataset to a workable solution. 

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